Sarcoidosis of Skin Natural Treatments

Sarcoidosis of Skin Natural Treatments


Do you have fever, shortness of breath, lesions and eye pain? You may be suffering from sarcoidosis, a disease in which abnormal collections of chronic inflammatory cells (granulomas) form as nodules in multiple organs. Stop worrying; you can get rid of this condition by treating it naturally.



Generalized symptoms of sarcoidosis are swollen nymph nodes, weight loss, fatigue and fever. These symptoms may be followed by lung symptoms such as wheezing, chest pain, persistent dry cough and shortness of breath. Eye symptoms include severe redness, sensitivity to light, blurred vision and eye pain.


Twenty five percent of the people who have sarcoidosis may develop skin problems like color change, i.e. areas of skin getting darker or lighter in color, nodules, rash and lesions .If you have one of these skin problems it can be a clue to how serious your case of sarcoidosis is. One type of lesion causes raised, red and tender bumps to form on the skin, usually on the front of your legs. Sometimes an uncommon skin condition causes hard, reddish-purplish bumps to form on your cheeks, nose, lips and ears.


The causes of this disease are not known and formation of granulomas is attributed to abnormal immune response to something inhaled from the air and genetic predisposition. A large number of tests to exclude other disease and x-ray may be used in diagnosis.


Corticosteroids may be helpful in healing this skin condition. Some physical exercise after consulting your doctor and using a room that is free from fumes, well-ventilated and regularly aired are the natural treatments for sarcoidosis of skin.


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